Our Approach

Re-energise your Mind and take stress in your stride

Improve health, wellbeing and performance

Are you living with a problem that food, exercise or medication can’t solve? Then re-energising your Mind is the forward.

When your Mind lacks energy, you do and health, wellbeing and performance suffer. Re-energise your Mind and health, wellbeing and performance automatically improve:

Stress coping increases, sleep is achieved, anxiety eased, pain relieved, grief overcome and greater inner calm and clarity experienced. The need for coping techniques leaves and even conditions associated with old age are less likely.

Mind Power Medicine pre-dates religion and is an approach rooted in native American culture. It isn’t magic, it’s not belief based and because it’s founded on natural, human engineering it works for one and all.

Mind Power Medicine Courses re-energises your Mind, resetting the non-visible systems you rely on to function it improves the way you ‘interface” with the outside world in ever way. Re-energise your Mind because when your Mind works, you do.

What’s involved…

Courses follow a talking, training like format, however, this is not a talking approach.  It is Helen’s natural gifts, trained skills and years of experience that make rapid changes possible.

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A non-invasive process that involves talking about issues from a different vantage point. The only way to understand Mind Power Medicine is to experience it for yourself.

What you can expect…

Expect Helen to guide you through a process that will allow your Mind to positively and automatically reset itself. As it resets the changes ripple through into physicality.

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Expect to be in control at all times. To enjoy rapid improvements that last indefinitely. To feel and function better and achieve more with less effort. To progress and unstick yourself with ease.

What it’s not…

In native American culture the word ‘spiritual’ is used to describe the Mind, energy and the non-physical engineering and interface systems that make individuals unique.

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Don’t expect anything that’s been marketed by people in the last fifty years!  It’s not hypnosis, Reiki, Shamanic, NLP, fortune telling or anything else you know… unless you know Helen!