About Helen

Find out more about the founder of the Spiritual Spa

54 year old, Helen Wingstedt works with the principles of Energy and Mind over Matter. She is one of the most gifted and highly skilled transformational ‘trainers’ in the world today.

Although Helen has studied and been directly involved with health, fitness, wellbeing, psychology, behaviour and stress for most of her life, it is her natural abilities and native American know-how that set her apart.

Helen has received ‘training by invitation’ in ancient, native American knowledge and technology normally reserved for those born into the culture itself. A rigorous programme of development taking a minimum of ten years to complete, it is offered to few and completed by fewer. Helen is one of the few to have completed the process and the evidence is in her results. 

Helen’s understanding of health and effectiveness issues stems from her own experience of and complete recovery from a breakdown aged 35. Experience which gives her a unique position when it comes to assisting and transforming others.